My lab focuses on statistical modeling of neural signals at different spatial scales: spikes, LFP, ECoG, and EEG/MEG. Propagation of electrical and magnetic fields in the brain depends on both static anatomical features and state-dependent dynamical features like coherence, neuromodulation, and active pathways. I’m particularly interested in constructing models that use strong prior knowledge about these features in specific brain states to bridge spatial scales. Such models could explain apparent discrepancies in signals recorded at different scales and improve our understanding of the micro-scale dynamics that underlie macro-scale biomarkers of pathological states.

Joining my group: I can advise PhD students in Statistics and the Graduate Program for Neuroscience. If you are already admitted to one of those programs (or another related field at BU) and interested in joining my group, please reach out to me via email. Unfortunately I am unable to respond to most emails from prospective students who have not yet been admitted — I look forward to meeting new students at interviews and first year events.

estephen [at] bu [dot] edu

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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